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Steve Fruitt

Klamath Wireless is a small company with a large heart. We have just started selling these items in the 2007 because it seems that there is a lacking quality and quanity in this area. We at Klamath Wireless, feel that we can help you with your dreams and quest for toys for your great cell phone. Check out our items by clicking on the products link above. Our products range from simple chargers to bluetooth car kits. Some the products are name brands such as Jabra, Body Glove, Blue trek and Aries. We have accessories for all the major brand cell phone companies. We are an online superstore for cell phone accessories. I am giving 10% to my church and another 10% to some charities in the Klamath Falls local area. So we need your help by purchasing from us.

I even offer an affiliate program so that you can sell these same products for us and we will pay you a commission each month. This can work for churches or organizations who would need some help with income. Contact me on how this is possible.

Klamath Wireless is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of Quality Cellular/PCS accessories and Superior Service at a Competitive Price. Would you like us to check our warehouse for what you are looking for? Email me.


XTRA Duty Gear

Steve Fruitt

.These pouches are heavy duty and will last.

Cobra Wireless Accessories

Steve Fruitt

Works great in the wind and with some hearing aids.


Steve Fruitt

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